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  • Concerts Of Prayer CD


    The ARM Concert of Prayer Notebook has now been placed on a CD and is available for purchase in this new format. This expanding resource is a compilation of concerts of prayer used at Aldersgate Conferences and contains a wide variety of themes and styles of prayer.

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    Concerts of Prayer for the Church Year CD


    This resource contains four concerts of prayer that will help you celebrate Advent, Lent, Pentecost, and Kingdomtide.  Liturgy, signs for prayer stations, leader’s guide all included.  This option is easy to use format will allow you to download all the information onto your computer.  Liturgies are in Word format.  The booklet gives you a small printout of all four of the concerts of prayer on the CD.

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    DVD Set: Free to be Like Jesus

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    DVD Set: Preparing the Way of the Lord

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    Encountering God In Our Celebrations Of The Church Year CD


    This resource is a fresh attempt to look at the seasons of the church year. The focus is encountering God in prayer and worship throughout our celebrations of the church year. Each four week Bible study is designed with an emphasis on being transformed by God’s presence as we encounter God in prayer and worship. Our prayer is that God will use this resource to bring you into a deeper intimacy with God personally and to empower your church with Spirit-led prayer and worship for Advent, Lent, Pentecost and Kingdomtide.

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    Prayer Station Resource CD


    The motivation for this resource comes out of a strong desire to provide resources for the local church to grow both individually and corporately. Prayer stations provide engaging prayer activities that can aide people in learning to pray with increased focus and greater effectiveness. They also provide an opportunity for God’s people to pray together using a tool where everyone can feel engaged. The prayer stations are grouped together in this resource using a variety of topics.

    Many of the prayer stations are a great tool to experience praying the Scriptures. God promises that his Word always accomplishes his holy purposes. So learning to stand on the promises of God is vital. In addition, the stations often include sample prayers to help the beginner get started and allow everyone who participates gains a sense of unity in prayer.

    The prayer station signs are designed to be eye-catching and appealing. They are varied in design, colorful and yet simple. In many cases, suggestions are made to include other items at the prayer stations besides the signs. These items will encourage the participants to respond in some way. For example, some stations call for participants to write out a prayer, use a prayer guide, draw a picture, or add a name to the poster. Clear instructions are vital to help people feel comfortable praying. Instructions are included on the signs in the resource. Additional items needed are clearly listed in the contents.

    We have elected to make this resource available as PDF’s on a CD. Feel free to pick and choose from the many samples. Have fun designing your own prayer stations using these suggestions.
    The signs for the prayer stations are included in a separate file because they will each print as two sheets of 11×17 paper. They can easily be placed in a frame, on a bulletin board, or on a display easel. We have found that larger lettering and pictures are helpful when several people are using the prayer stations together. The numbers in the table of contents refer to numbers of the PDFs in the file for the signs.

    Margie graduated from Millersville University in PA with a degree in elementary education and enjoyed teaching first grade before raising a family and being a stay at home Mom. Married to Harry, Margie has two grown sons and two granddaughters and a grandson in Wisconsin. We moved to TN in 2002 to be in full-time ministry with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.

    Margie became ARM National Prayer Coordinator in 1993 and enjoys coordinating a national network of intercessors who pray for ARM and for the renewal of the church by the power of the Holy Spirit. As Director of Prayer Ministries, Margie now oversees all aspects of the prayer ministry for ARM. Margie enjoys creating resources that equip the body of Christ to do concerts of prayer. Team manuals for the Lord, Teach Us to Pray seminar and the Pathways to a Praying Church seminar were developed by Margie. In 2009 Discipleship Resources released a resource Margie wrote for individual and small group study entitled Lord, Teach Us to Pray, a study of personal prayer. Pathways to a Praying Church, a study of corporate prayer was released in 2011. Until He Comes: Living out the Book of Acts was released in 2012.

    Intimacy with God
    PDF #1 – Return to your first love
    PDF #2 – Redefine who we are in Christ
    PDF #3 – Reestablish your priority for intimacy with God
    PDF #4 – Reignite a fresh fire

    Renewal of the Church
    PDF #5 – Cry out for the church – Renewal
    PDF #6 – Cry out for the church – Healing
    PDF #7 – Cry out for the church – Unity
    PDF#8 – Cry out for the church – Power
    PDF #9 – Days of Elijah – Declaring the Word of the Lord
    PDF #10 – Days of Moses – Righteousness being restored
    PDF #11 – Days of Ezekiel – Dry bones becoming as flesh
    PDF #12 – Days of David– Rebuilding a temple of praise
    PDF #13 – Days of the harvest – Fields are as white in the world

    The character of Christ
    PDF #14 – Love
    PDF #15 – Peace
    PDF #16 – Joy
    PDF #17 – Perseverance
    PDF #18 – Forgive as Christ forgave
    PDF #19 – Be kind and compassionate

    Prayers for families
    PDF #20 – Children and grandchildren
    PDF #21 – Aging parents
    PDF #22 – Encourage one another
    PDF #23 – Marriages
    PDF #24 – Praying prodigals home

    Life in the Spirit
    PDF #25- Do not grieve the Holy Spirit
    PDF #26 – Keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord
    PDF #27 – Openness to the gifts of the Holy Spirit
    PDF #28 – Growing the fruit of the Spirit
    PDF #29 – God’s people released with power
    PDF #30 – God’s people released with authority
    PDF #31 – God’s people released with anointing
    PDF #32 – God’s people released with courage and hope
    PDF #33 – God’s people released with joy
    PDF #34 – Ignite my heart in prayer for the community
    PDF #35 – Ignite my heart in prayer for schools
    PDF #36 – Ignite my heart in prayer for hurting people

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    Praying the Lord’s Prayer as Corporate Concerts of Prayer CD


    The purpose of this material is to allow your Sunday School class to experience the joy of praying the Lord’s Prayer together. Using this unique format of concerts of prayer will enable your class to gain new understanding of the meaning of the Lord’s prayer and how it applies to their everyday life. Since the material stresses active participation, learning is experiential and exciting. Participants will be encountering God rather than just learning more about prayer.

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    Training For Developing and Leading Small Groups


    Viewers can expect to learn how to grow churches larger by growing them smaller. They will learn how to be a church “of small groups” instead of a church “with small groups.” This DVD training resource will be especially relevant for churches that have had Lay Witness Missions or are planning to do so.