Local Church Renewal Events

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  • Lay Witness Mission Participant Book – God At Work Now


    The Lay Witness Mission Manual will help your church have a strategy for evangelism that encourages laypersons to share their faith journeys with others. It encourages the formation of small groups that are vital to the ongoing ministry of your local church. It also incorporates a model for reaching out to friends, neighbors, relatives, and colleagues by inviting them into homes for fellowship and discussion.

  • Life In The Spirit Seminar Participant Book


    The Life in the Spirit Seminar (LISS) Manual will help create a strategy designed to acquaint the participant with the person, the work, and the power of the Holy Spirit (the third person of the Trinity), using scripture and personal testimony. Every effort is made to see that the content is both scripturally balanced and Wesleyan in nature.

  • Lord, Teach Us To Pray Participant Book


    The Lord, Teach Us to Pray Seminar workbook is designed to encourage God’s people to become a people of prayer. It is a scripturally based study to encourage individuals to take another step toward maturity in prayer. This workbook has the potential to change lives and churches as readers are challenged to walk in intimacy with God through prayer.

  • Pathways To A Praying Church Participant Book


    Recognizing that we learn by both hearing and doing, the curriculum is written to include a variety of activities that are practical applications of the teachings on prayer. Bible study members will share not only their victories, but also times when they have struggled to walk in intimacy with God through prayer. More than just a teaching tool, this seminar is an opportunity for all to encounter the Living God!

  • Venture In Discipleship Participant Book


    The VID manual is designed to help people know the direction in which Jesus is leading them. It brings the congregation to a new sense of ministry to the surrounding community and greatly strengthens the bonds of love and service within the fellowship of faith.

  • Worship In Spirit And Truth Participant Book


    Designed for the entire church to experience, the Worship in Spirit and Truth manual will give fresh insight into worship and its importance in and to our lives.