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Overcoming the Orphan Spirit-Our creator fashioned us in such a way that we have been pre-programmed to be satisfied only with His unconditional love. He has wired us so that we will never be at rest as long as we are away from such love. But ever since Adam’s and Eve’s sin separated them from their Father God, humankind has wandered through life as orphans—living as if we alone are responsible to provide those things that can only be found in God’s presence. In Overcoming The Orphan Spirit, Dr. Brown will lead us into an experience that breaks the power of the “orphan” and releases us into the glorious liberty of the children of God. It seemed that Dr. Harvey Brown had everything one could want…a wonderful family, prestigious position at Asbury University, career as an Army Chaplain and noted preacher. But when the Holy Spirit led him into an encounter with the fire of God, his world turned upside down and inside out. The power of the Holy Spirit drew him into a relationship with his loving Heavenly Father who shattered life-long bondages. Dr. Brown now travels the world proclaiming hope, healing, and holiness through a message of the Father’s love through the Lord Jesus Christ.