2015 Deeper Healing: Discerning Emotional Roots to Physical Illness- Tommy Hays


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Deeper Healing: Discerning Emotional Roots to Physical Illness – Bad roots produce bad fruit. Roots of bitterness, anxiety, rejection, fear, shame, and trauma can produce the fruit of physical illness, but the Holy Spirit empowers us to put the Axe of the Word of God to those roots so we can be healed and free in the mighty name of Jesus.

Tommy Hays is an Ordained Eder of the United Methodist Church, serving as Pastoral Director of Rapha God Ministries and Founder of Messiah Ministries in San Antonio, Texas. He is a former trial attorney and member of the Fellowship of Ministries of MorningStar Ministries. His passion is the healing and equipping of the Body of Christ through ministries of inner healing, deliverance, and prayer. His daily prayer devotional, Morning by Morning, is sent to readers around the world and his book Free to Be Like Jesus—Transforming Power of Healing & Deliverance is taught by many as a standard resource for inner healing and deliverance ministry.

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