2015 Relentless Hunger: Living Life as a Student of God’s Word – David Watson


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Relentless Hunger: Living Life as a Student of God’s Word – Reading the Bible should be an experience of receiving the Holy Spirit and entering ever more fully into the life of God. Join Dr. David Watson, Academic Dean and New Testament professor at United Theological Seminary, as he talks about the saving work of God through the Bible, in anticipation of a book he is writing on this topic.

David Watson serves as Academic Dean and Associate Professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. He has a PhD from Southern Methodist University and is an ordained elder in the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. David is married to the lovely Harriet Watson, and has two children, Luke and Sean. Luke is a baseball player, is into martial arts, and is the best big brother in the world. Sean is really into Angry Birds and completely idolizes his big brother. Shortly after Sean was born, Watsons found out he has Down Syndrome. Since then, they been on an incredible learning curve that has taught them much about parenting, grace, family, and God.  David Watson really values open, honest, and respectful conversation. So much of our communication in the churches is the equivalent of verbal napalm. We speak and write to win arguments, but not to hear and understand one another. In David’s teaching, administration, and writing, he tries to model and inculcate intellectual virtue and to avoid intellectual vice. When we are listening, giving fair consideration to arguments, representing the positions of others accurately, thinking rigorously, and speaking in ways that are logical and coherent, we exhibit intellectual virtue. When we do otherwise, we exhibit intellectual vice. If you want to be part of a respectful conversation, David invites you to comment on his blog. If you want to throw hand grenades and watch the ensuing carnage, please move on to another site.

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