Aldersgate 2018 Keynote Speakers – Complete Set


This is the complete set of all of the Keynote speakers from Aldersgate 2018.



This is the complete set of all of the Keynote speakers from Aldersgate 2018. This set includes 5 DVD, CDs or MP3s including:

Thursday Night: Rev. Junius B. Dotson
What does it mean to engage your community as part of a discipleship system?  It all begins with this simple idea: “Discipleship begins with relationship.” How can your church reach out beyond its walls and be in relationship with your community in ways that are life-changing for those outside and inside your church?  Rev. Junius Dotson teaches you how to see engagement as part of a larger system of intentional discipleship.

Friday Morning: Rev. Debbie Line-Yencer
Debbie retired after serving 19 years in the Michigan Area Conference. She has served Flushing UMC for 4 years, Davison UMC for 5 years and Seymour Lake UMC for 10 years. She has accepted a quarter time charge at Leaton UMC. Debbie and her family were members at Trinity UMC in Lapeer for 20 years. She attended Asbury College and graduated with a B.A. in psychology and graduated with a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary. Debbie married Ron Yencer on June 1, 2013. Debbie has two children David and Heather and four grandchildren, Isaac, Mackenzie, Kerith, and Luke – the delights of her life. She is now blessed with two stepdaughters and their families. Her passion is bringing a deeper understanding of the love of the Lord to people’s lives and moving in the life changing ministry of the Holy Spirit. Debbie has been a part of the worship design team for the Aldersgate Conference for several years.

Friday Night: Rev. Dr. Scott McDermott
Scott McDermott has served as the Lead Pastor of Washington Crossing United Methodist Church since 1993. He has contributed to numerous books and magazines and has been featured on NPR (May 2009) discussing the topic of prayer. Scott has a passion to help people fulfill their God given destiny, and he loves teaching the scriptures in ways that are practical and meaningful. He has taught in conferences in the US, Europe and Cuba. He has taught in the Doctor of Ministry program at Perkins School of Theology. In addition, he has three Masters degrees and a PhD. in New Testament studies. He has been married to his wife, Dawn, for 44 years, and they have two daughters.

Saturday Morning: Rev. Dr. Rosario Picardo
This workshop explores what it means to cook with local flavor. What does mass-production miss when it comes to church, and what can we learn from our culture’s current obsession with local dives? Local dives give up economies of scale, but their advantages outweigh this loss of profit. Chains may offer consistency, but they lack creativity, contextualization, and uniqueness. The local church is not called to settle as a chain fast food restaurant that cranks out disciples. Rather the call is to be a local, homegrown, farm-fresh, organic ministry that uses authentic ingredients.

Saturday Night: Rev. Ric Wright
Have you noticed how so many are having an identity crisis? Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve we have forgotten who we are. Discovering who you are in Christ is the key to living a “Resurrection Lifestyle.” This session will help you to excel to new levels in a deeper relationship with Jesus. You will discover your purpose for life and become Supernaturally equipped to walk in full assurance with the Holy Spirit as God’s child.

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