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This product is a data CD (not an audio CD) with PDF files on it that you can print off and place in a binder. The ARM Concert of Prayer Notebook has now been placed on a CD and is available for purchase in this new format. This expanding resource is a compilation of concerts of prayer used at Aldersgate Conferences and contains a wide variety of themes and styles of prayer. The CD contains PDF files that you can print off and place in a binder. Each year new concerts of prayer are added to the selection. Congregations desiring to lead concerts of prayer will find this new CD format especially helpful. All of the material is in Word format. When downloaded it can easily be transferred to handouts for participants or used in PowerPoint presentations. Churches can introduce concerts of prayer during Lent, during retreat settings, or other times when an emphasis on prayer is desired.   More Information Purpose: The primary purpose of a concert of prayer is to pray. The service is designed to allow the congregation to spend the majority of the time in corporate, small group, and individual prayer, spoken and sung. Scripture readings throughout the service are designed to model prayer for us and to shape the themes of our praying. This is not a time for preaching, teaching, or exhortation. This is a time to help God’s people pray together. Format: This mode of corporate prayer combines elements of music with times of prayer for the purpose of fostering unity as we pray together. Just as different instruments come together to form an orchestra for a concert, so participants come together to form a concert of prayer and praise to the Father. A worship leader, or worship team, is essential to facilitate a concert of prayer. Other leaders will be used to help the liturgy and scripture readings flow easily from one segment to another. Time Frame: When first introduced at Aldersgate ‘95, concerts of prayer were always limited to one hour. One purpose for this time frame was to model a concert of prayer that could be easily used in the local church setting. Since that time, ARM has designed other concerts of prayer that were meant to span a much longer time frame. But the principle and format of any concert of prayer can be expanded or contracted to suit the available time frame. Content: Each concert of prayer had a special focus or theme. Often they were related to the theme of Aldersgate. Some were written especially for the ARM Call to Prayer surrounding General Conference. All are scripturally based and have application in other settings. It is our sincere prayer that you will find these resources helpful for increasing the effectiveness of the prayer ministry in your local church. You may even have opportunities to initiate concerts of prayer at the district or conference level. We would be encouraged to hear the many ways you make use of these concerts of prayer.