Father of Lights




In this explosive documentary, filmmaker Darren Wilson attempts to do the impossible: film God and understand His character.  Along the way, Darren and his team encounter powerful witch doctors, violent gang leaders, Hindu holy men, and everyday people with extraordinary experiences to tell.  Father of Lights attempts to tear away much of the bad press the Almighty has received over the years, and reveals a God who is far better than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Darren Wilson taught for 10 years at Judson University before moving into production full time, and he is currently the Artist-in-Residence at Judson. Charisma Magazine recently named him one of the “21 Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow’s Church”, and DeVon Franklin, VP of Production at Columbia Pictures calls him “one of the most innovative filmmakers and authors of faith today.” He has a wonderful wife, Jenell, and three wonderful children, Serenity, Stryder, and River.

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