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Aldersgate 2016 Conference CD Special! Pick 10 CDs from over 30 available for just $35 That’s a 30% savings!

Workshop Titles and Speakers to Choose From:

K01 Thursday PM Keynote - Bishop Swanson

James Swanson, Sr. became resident bishop of the Mississippi Area September 1, 2012. Bishop Swanson is currently serving as the president of the General Commission on United Methodist Men. He is also a member of the Connectional Table of The United Methodist Church, the Path One Advisory Board and the International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities. It is our privilege to welcome back a great friend of ARM’s ministry.

K02 Friday AM Keynote - Trisha Frost

Trisha leads Shiloh Place Ministries and is a sought after speaker and author. She and her late husband Jack began sharing Father’s love almost 20 years ago. Many lives have been touched through the ministry they pioneered, the healing they fought for in their lives, and the encounters with Father’s incredible love they experienced. Now she can take you on the journey to find your place in the heart of God as she shares the breakthrough of her own revelation of love at the culmination of her pathway to healing, foremost as a favored child of God, then also as a widow and a mother.

K03 Friday PM Keynote - Bobby Cabot

Dr. Bobby Cabot, is a United Methodist pastor who believes in the full gospel of Christ for salvation, healing and deliverance. She is President of Kingdom Life Healing Ministries (KHLM). KLHM holds 4 1⁄2 day Healing Schools which teach all aspects of divine healing, but specialize in inner healing and deliverance. Bobby Cabot speaks and teaches at national conferences and at Methodist churches interested in hosting weekend renewal events. She is a passionate Christ-follower who believes Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

K04 Saturday AM Keynote - Jorge Acevedo

Pastor Jorge Acevedo loves Jesus Christ and his Church. Touched by the grace of God at seventeen, he was never the same. Rescued from a life of addictions, his greatest delight is connecting people to Jesus and the Church. Jorge is the Lead Pastor at Grace Church, a multi-site, United Methodist congregation in Southwest Florida with six campuses. This church has grown in its weekend attendance from 400 to over 2600 in the past nineteen years. Grace Church is recognized as having one of the largest and most effective recovery ministries in America.

K05 Saturday PM Keynote - Mike Hutchings

Dr. Hutchings is presently the Director of Education for Global Awakening, an evangelistic ministry in Mechanicsburg, PA. He directs Dr. Randy Clark’s Global School of Supernatural Ministry and the Global Certification Programs. He is passionate about connecting pastors and leaders throughout the body of Christ to come together for transformation in their cities, and he strives to equip others to minister healing and wholeness to the world.

W03 Breaking the Barrirer of 50 in Average Attendance (IN SPANISH) - Iosmar Alvarez

Dr. Iosmar Alvarez, a native of Cuba, came to the United States in 2001. God began to work in his life in supernatural ways as he began to serve as a Local Pastor in the Kentucky Conference of the UMC in 2002. In the last 10 years Dr. Alvarez has planted three Hispanic Churches, and is launching 3 more in Kentucky. Currently he serves as Senior Pastor for Fuente De Avivamiento/Spring of Revival with 400+ members and 70 home churches.

W04 The House Church Movement - Iosmar Alvarez

Dr. Iosmar Alvarez, a native of Cuba, came to the United States in 2001. God began to work in his life in supernatural ways as he began to serve as a Local Pastor in the Kentucky Conference of the UMC in 2002. In the last 10 years Dr. Alvarez has planted three Hispanic Churches, and is launching 3 more in Kentucky. Currently he serves as Senior Pastor for Fuente De Avivamiento/Spring of Revival with 400+ members and 70 home churches.

W05 Be Revival Where You Are - Frank Billman

When the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost “incomparably great power” [Eph 1:19] became available to us who believe! We don’t have to go from revival to revival or outpouring to outpouring to keep getting filled, we are called to BE revival where we are walking in the power and presence of God wherever we go! Come remove blockages to the flow of the Spirit in your life and receive an impartation to become an “outpourer.”

W06 The Supernatural Thread in Methodism - Frank Billman

There is a continual thread of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit manifesting itself throughout Methodist history from its very beginnings to the present day. Evidence of this can be seen in the ministry of John Wesley, Methodist class meetings, field preaching, quarterly meetings, communion services, camp meetings, missionaries, and other settings. Methodists rested in the Spirit, healed, cast out demons, experienced dreams and visions, and even raised the dead. Learn about and reclaim your Methodist supernatural heritage! Receive an impartation.

W08 Spiritual Healing in Local Congregation - Aaron Brown

Using the story of healing that has taken place in a local UM congregation; this class will focus on battle strategies that will tear down spiritual strongholds in the local church. Many obstacles blocking churches from fruitful ministry must be dealt with through spiritual warfare. There are patterns of sin and conflict, which are often strengthened by specific demonic spirits. When we understand the power and authority available to Christians and begin to use the battle strategies given in God’s Word, the power of the enemy will not be able to prevail against the church. Strongholds will come down and greater fruit will be gained for the Kingdom of God.

W09 Breaking Strongholds in Your Life - Tim Burden

There are patterns and powers that hold back people, churches, and even nations from the spiritual and psychological growth that God wants us to fulfill. In order to reach the fullness of Christ and minister effectively we must engage in spiritual warfare, which involves tearing down and shattering strongholds in your life.

W10 Transforming Your Church Through Short Term Mission Trips - Tim Burden

Too often in order for us to understand what it means to be the Church we must get people out of their comfort zone, out of the pews, and out of the four walls. Short term mission trips are a great tool and strategy for the Holy Spirit to use to transform lives and transform churches!

W11 Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Bobby Cabot

Dr. Bobby Cabot carefully exegetes Scripture to explain the difference between first receiving the Holy Spirit when one becomes born again, and receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit as a second work of grace. We will explore why every believer should seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit and discuss three different manifestations of tongues as revealed in Scripture. Dr. Cabot will answer the most common questions she has been asked about tongues. Participants will be invited to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and receive tongues (their personal prayer language) for their spiritual edification.

W12 Physical Healing - Bobby Cabot

Dr. Bobby Cabot will teach a powerful model you can use when you praying for someone’s physical healing — whether at a church altar, in the privacy of a home, or in a hospital room. Often times we don’t witness much physical healing because we don’t know how to address multiple issues which can be causing physical dis-ease. Dr. Cabot regularly prays for God’s beloved and witnesses healing ranging from cancer to arthritis to aching backs. She has taught this model for over twenty years and has helped equip many churches as they have begun to move into powerful altar ministries.

W13 Finding Our Way Home (The Heart of Sonship) - Trisha Frost

Becoming a true son or daughter starts by being introduced to Perfect Love. Then we begin to focus our life on being a son or daughter. Trisha will share some key points for this process as well as have some prayer and ministry time to help us connect with our Father as true sons and daughters.

W16 The Family Table: Celebrating our Covenant Relationship with God - Sally Havens

As a member of the General Conference Holy Communion Study Committee, Sally has a rich background in helping people understand the sacrament. Her focus in this seminar will be on recognizing Holy Communion as our “Family Meal” and on understanding Jesus’ words, “This is the blood of the new covenant.” A list of resources that can be used in the local church will be provided.

W17 iscerning the Voice of God - Kathy Hershman

John 10:4 assures us, “His sheep follow him because they know his voice.” But for many, the question becomes, “but how do I know if it is really God speaking?” This session will provide the answers, covering the various ways that God speaks and how to discern if we are truly hearing from Him. Following the teaching participants will then have the opportunity to listen and hear the voice of God for themselves!

W18 Living in the Prophetic - Ric Holladay

This equipping workshop is for those who have heard about prophetic words being given, but may not have been one who has given a prophetic word. It may be you have heard words of knowledge, but you did not share because you weren’t sure that you were supposed to. We will explore the prophetic in the Scriptures, and experience sharing in the prophetic.

W19 Walking With God - Ric Holladay

In this equipping workshop we will consider different stages of our walk with God. At each stage there are things happening in our lives which let us know where we are in this journey. We will study the Scriptures for the stages, and how we move from one stage to another.

W20 How to Start a Healing Room in Your Church - Rush & Barbie Hunt

The International Association of Healing Rooms has over 3500 around the world and most are led by ordinary people who simply want to pray for the sick. Many Healing Rooms operate in Churches as well as offices, store fronts, restaurants or anywhere people can pray for the sick and hurting in a safe and loving environment. The Hunts opened a Healing Room in 2009 with a team of twenty and since that time have helped many start a Healing Room. Practical information and glory stories of changed lives by the love and healing power of Jesus make this workshop informative and encouraging.

W21 Releasing Children into Prayer Ministry - Barbie Hunt & Frank Billman

Author and founder of Healing Rooms Kids ministry of the International Association of Healing Rooms, Barbie Hunt will share in a lively dialogue with Rev. Dr. Frank Billman about how she started working with children and partnering with the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss the stories of this wild and wonderful ride over the past eight years as each week at Main Street Prayer Center children put their hands on the sick and expect them to recover.

W22 Becoming a World Changer - Mike Hutchings

The Acts of the Apostles records a momentum of transformation and renewal that swept through the city of Jerusalem, beginning with two men that many would consider unqualified reaching out to a man with no hope. A lifestyle of Holy Spirit empowered presence and love shared outside the church walls brings hope, healing and transformation to individuals, churches and to cities. This message will end with a time of impartation and releasing for a Presence empowered lifestyle marked by love.

W23 Healing PTSD - Mike Hutchings

This workshop is an introduction to a healing prayer model for post traumatic stress disorder developed by Dr. Mike Hutchings. This prayer model has brought healing from PTSD to thousands of people and an army of prayer ministers, chaplains, pastors and counselors have been trained in this model. Testimonies, impartation and prayer will be included in this workshop.

W24 Post Traumatic Church Syndrome - Mike Hutchings

An unfortunate truth about today’s church is that there are many of Jesus’ disciples who have been wounded by conflict, misunderstanding, difficult relationships and spiritual warfare as they have sought to faithfully serve in the church. This includes pastors, leaders, and parishoners in all stages of life. The symptoms of this are similar to those who suffer from PTSD. This workshop identifies the problem, bringing resolution and healing to those who have been broken hearted while serving Jesus in the church, ending in a time of prayer ministry for all in attendance.

W25 Miracles - Craig Keener

Although some people have questioned the reality of dramatic healings and nature miracles, the evidence for them today is overwhelming. Surveys show that hundreds of millions claim to have experienced divine healing, and diverse eyewitness sources and medical documentation illustrate the dramatic character of many of these cases.

W26 Raising the Dead Throughout History and Today - Craig Keener

Firsthand accounts of the dead being raised in the context of prayer are not new, but they are flourishing in the world today, including from doctors, scholars and other highly credible witnesses.

W27 Prophetic Leadership - Scott Kelso

Two Biblical characters exemplify this leadership model: Elijah and Jesus. We will look at both of them in tandem; examining the elements of standing, hearing, acting, praying, and engaging for ministry in a prophetic model from 1 Kings 17-19 and Mar. 4:5-6 and Matt. 4.

W28 Raising Up Biblical Leadership - Scott Kelso

Scores of pastors are finding it exceedingly difficult to identify local church leadership who will walk in step with the vision of the pastor. I believe Raising Up Biblical Leadership will finally solve the dilemma. This seminar will study the development and call for a group of leaders in the local church who function as elders, exercising spiritual oversight in congregational ministry taken from Numbers 11 and 1 Peter 5:1-5.

W29 Holy Living: A Life on Fire - Scott Kisker

The Wesleyan understanding of the way of holiness is a journey of deepening consciousness of being both known and loved by God. The spirituality found in the Wesleyan rule of life, and the communal practices of class and band meetings, train us to look for and see the evidence of God’s action in our souls, and through Christian relationships form us for victory over besetting sin through humility, grace dependency, courage, and compassion.

W30 The Creative Unlimited Power of the Holy Spirit (IN SPANISH) - Eliseo Mejia-Leiva

Taking God’s Relentless Love to the Street I - How do I demonstrate the love of God to the people that God brings across my path in everyday life? What are the nuts and bolts of reaching out to people that God leads me to? In part one we’ll learn; in part two we’ll put into action what we’ve learned.

W32 Bringing Clarity/Definition to Being a Man of God - Daniel Mingo

The world has definite ideas of what a man is supposed to be, and so does the Church. Are what the Church and the world portray true reflections of what God’s word puts forth? We’ll examine some characteristics of masculinity and men on fire for God from the Scriptures. Bring your Bible!

W33 Finding Your Destiny in God's Kingdom on Earth - Daniel Mingo

Because salvation and eternal life with God are gifts, we do not have to earn, what does the Father desire of us as long as we’re here on earth? We’ll discuss our individual and corporate destinies in God as His fire ignites our hearts to discover His unfolding design.

W34 Becoming a Student of the Holy Spirit - David Watson

Many people--even churchgoers--yearn for greater spiritual depth but don’t know where to find it. As people of faith, we need guides along the way who can teach us how to know and love God more fully and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. David F. Watson will talk about his own journey from a young seminary student without much belief in the gifts of the Spirit to a passionate advocate for the Spirit-filled life of faith. Dr. Watson is Academic Dean and Associate Professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

W35 Church Ministry with People with Disablities - David & Harriett Watson

One in five people lives with some form of disability, but many churches are missing the opportunity to be in ministry with them. David and Harriet Watson, whose nine-year-old son Sean has Down syndrome, will talk about ways churches can be more effective in bringing the Gospel to people with disabilities and their families.

W36 Prophetic Arts - Don Hershman

The prophetic arts tap into the wellspring of God’s limitless creativity and releases it back to Him as worship. During this session, we will explore an expanded concept of the role of the prophetic arts in private and corporate worship. Come expecting a paradigm shift in your current thinking. Hint: prophetic painting or dancing is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

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