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The motivation for this resource comes out of a strong desire to provide resources for the local church to grow both individually and corporately. Prayer stations provide engaging prayer activities that can aide people in learning to pray with increased focus and greater effectiveness. They also provide an opportunity for God’s people to pray together using a tool where everyone can feel engaged. The prayer stations are grouped together in this resource using a variety of topics.

Many of the prayer stations are a great tool to experience praying the Scriptures. God promises that his Word always accomplishes his holy purposes. So learning to stand on the promises of God is vital. In addition, the stations often include sample prayers to help the beginner get started and allow everyone who participates gains a sense of unity in prayer.

The prayer station signs are designed to be eye-catching and appealing. They are varied in design, colorful and yet simple. In many cases, suggestions are made to include other items at the prayer stations besides the signs. These items will encourage the participants to respond in some way. For example, some stations call for participants to write out a prayer, use a prayer guide, draw a picture, or add a name to the poster. Clear instructions are vital to help people feel comfortable praying. Instructions are included on the signs in the resource. Additional items needed are clearly listed in the contents.

We have elected to make this resource available as PDF’s on a CD. Feel free to pick and choose from the many samples. Have fun designing your own prayer stations using these suggestions.
The signs for the prayer stations are included in a separate file because they will each print as two sheets of 11×17 paper. They can easily be placed in a frame, on a bulletin board, or on a display easel. We have found that larger lettering and pictures are helpful when several people are using the prayer stations together. The numbers in the table of contents refer to numbers of the PDFs in the file for the signs.