Releasing the Miraculous by James Tan


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Why would a supernatural God build a supernatural Church and then expect it to function naturally? He wouldn’t! God wants the gospel delivered and demonstrated by believers who live in a unique flow of the miraculous.

In Releasing the Miraculous, author and pastor James Tan shares that the Holy Spirit infilling is really about God outpouring Himself through operations we call the nine gifts of the Spirit.

In 1 Corinthians 12:7, the apostle Paul describes these gifts as manifestations of the Spirit, which in the Greek literally means a shining forth! That’s God’s plan for you—to shine forth with the light of God in the same way electricity manifests in countless ways around you every day.

To help you shine forth with Holy Spirit power, James covers…
• A practical, scriptural study of each gift
• Sharpening your spiritual senses
• Yielding yourself to higher operations and leadings of the Spirit
• How your flow of tongues is your doorway to a flow of the supernatural
• Creating an environment where the gifts flourish

No believer is “gift-less”! So yield yourself to the Spirit like never before because heaven is waiting on you to demonstrate the miraculous to the world!

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