Shepherding Renewal by Rev. Frank Billman


This resource is designed to help clergy and congregational shepherds address the questions after an ARM event.

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Perhaps you have had one of the Aldersgate Renewal Ministries (ARM) local church renewal events at your church. Perhaps you and/or some people from your church have attended the national Aldersgate conference, the Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry, or some other ARM event. How do you evaluate what happened during the event  and what may be happening now in your church?

What steps should be taken next?  If issues have arisen, how are you going to deal with them?

This resource is designed to help clergy, congregational shepherds, address these kinds of questions after the event.

Rev. Dr. Frank Billman has pastored United Methodist churches since 1979 and currently serves on the ARM staff as Director of Equipping Ministries where he is responsible for local church renewal events, International ministries and the Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry. He has preached and taught in a number of settings here in the USA in addition to Tanzania, Nepal, Liberia and Brazil.

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