The Disconnect


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Every time you walk out of your senior pastor’s office, you leave with a sense of bewilderment and confusion. “Did I just waste the last hour? Did he really hear what’s going on with our students? Is youth ministry really a priority for this guy?” Unfortunately, you aren’t alone. When it works, the relationship between a youth pastor and senior pastor opens the door to dynamic ministry in the local church. But when that relationship is weak, damaged, or broken, it can create an environment that breeds frustration, dissension, and burnout. And in far too many churches, that relationship IS weak, damaged, or broken. Trust, respect and sacrifice don’t happen when we aren’t on the same page. Doug writes directly to you as a youth pastor, offering his encouragement and wisdom. Doug Franklin and the team at LeaderTreks tackle the challenge of restoring that relationship in The Disconnect, a unique resource that brings together youth pastors and senior pastors for honest dialogue on the tough task of working together. In this book, you’ll discover: How to more effectively communicate with your senior pastor How core values can lead to greater respect Why ministry and money can’t be separated How to align your expectations Why a shared mission is essential If you’re on the verge of a breakdown or ready to quit because you just can’t take anymore, you’ll want to read this book. Your working relationship might still be restorable. And if it isn’t, you can absorb and apply these truths in future ministry settings. If you and your senior pastor already communicate and work together well, this book will help you solidify that relationship. You can take something good and make it great.