The Double Portion Life by Burno Ierullo


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God has created you for more! What would “more” look like in your everyday life? What would it look like for you to receive a “double portion” of God’s glory and power in your workplace, your abilities, and your areas of influence? Discover ancient keys to fulfilling this supernatural call of God on your life by taking a fresh look at Old Testament prophets, Elijah and Elisha.

Bruno Ierullo is a pastor, influencer, and prophetic teacher and bridge builder. In The Double Portion Life, he provides simple revelatory teaching from Scripture, paired with miraculous, modern-day testimonies that will expand your vision and ignite your passion!

Discover how to intentionally position yourself to receive great things from the Lord, so that you can accomplish things you’ve never dreamed of doing!

Learn from the stories of leaders who, by embracing the call of God and through preparation and simple obedience, have been used to change history and nations.

The Double Portion Life will inspire you to:
Recognize the different steps and stages of God’s unfolding call in your life.
Walk in the transforming power of God’s full anointing.
Overcome the enemy’s assaults against your calling.
Prepare yourself to receive the “Double Portion”.
Live in confident expectation of the miraculous.

It’s time to look past the limitations you’ve put on yourself and see what God sees – a person created for a double-portion life!