The Methodist School For Supernatural Ministry Complete Set (Sessions 1-7)



This set contains over 60 DVDs from the complete first six sessions of the Methodist School for Supernatual Ministry. This curriculum is filled with teachings applicable for both laity and clergy that will transform your life and ministry!

Sample of Topics Covered:

Session 1

  • Why Are Signs, Wonders and Miracles Important? Supernatural Moves of the Holy Spirit from the New Testament to Today – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • The Supernatural History of Methodism – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • Contemporary Manifestations of the Holy Spirit Among Methodists – Rev. Ron Fearneyhough, Rev. Dr. Scott McDermott, Rev. Dr. Frank Billman & Kathy Hershman
  • Developing Intimacy with God – Margie Burger
  • Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit, Staying Filled and Ministering the Baptism to Others -Margie Burger
  • Discerning the Spiritual Times – Rev. Dr. Scott McDermott
  • The Nature of Spiritual Experience – Rev. Dr. Scott McDermott
  • Flowing in Gifts of the Spirit – Rev. Dr. Scott McDermott
  • How God Increases the Anointing – Rev. Dr. Scott McDermott
  • Brief Sharing on Impartation – Rev. Ron Fearneyhough

Session 2

  • A Biblical and Wesleyan Foundation for Hearing God and Prophecy – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • Listening 101 – Margie Burger
  • Help for the Hard of Hearing – Margie Burger
  • Corporate Prophecy Perils and Pitfalls – Rev. Scott Kelso
  • Receiving and Evaluating Personal Prophecy – Rev. Tommy Hays
  • Spirit-led and Prophetic Worship – Don Hershman
  • Prophetic Evangelism and Prophetic Acts – Rev. Tommy Hays
  • Prophetic Revelation – Rev. Dr. Scott Kelso
  • Partakers of the Divine Nature – District Superintendent Tom Halliburton
  • Encouraging and Shepherding Renewal – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman

Session 3

  • A Biblical and Wesleyan Foundation for Healing – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • Taking Spiritual Authority for Healing and Deliverance – Rev. Dr. Diana DeWitt
  • The Healing Power of Blesing – Dr. David Oliver
  • Deliverance Ministry – Kathy Hershman
  • Inner Healing – Margie Burger
  • Healing Worship – Don Hershman
  • Healing Generational Issues – Dr. David Oliver
  • Panel Presentation on Local Church Healing Ministry Models – Shane Browning, Bobby Cabot, Rev. Tom Halliburton
  • Guidelines for Prayer Team Ministry – Margie Burger
  • Physical Healing – Shane Browning

Session 4

  • Throwing Off the Baggage – Jonathan Dow
  • Providing a Place for His Presence – Mike Seth
  • Christ the Reformer in You – Munday Martin
  • Raising the Dead 101 – Munday Martin
  • Trances, Heavenly Translations, Transportations, etc. – Munday Martin
  • Embracing Angelic Ministry by Kevin Basconi Raising and Releasing Children in Revival – Mike Seth
  • Angels and the Gift of Discerning of Spirits and Angels that Serve – Kevin Basconi
  • Jesus and Open Heavens – Kevin Basconi
  • Restoration for Our Land and Impartation – Rev. Tommy Hays

Session 5

  • How God Grows Your Faith – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • Intimacy as the Root of Supernatural Ministry  – Margie Burger
  • You Only Get to Keep What You Give Away – Part One – Dudley Perio
  • Faith Working Through Love – Luke Billman
  • You Only Get to Keep What You Give Away – Part Two – Dudley Perio
  • Whose Mind is It Anyway? – Part One  –  Tony Maxwell
  • Living an Extraordinary Life for God’s Glory – Part One –  Will Hart
  • Whose Mind is It Anyway? – Part Two   -Tony Maxwell
  • Living an Extraordinary Life for God’s Glory – Part Two  – Will Hart
  • Kathy Hershman and Impartation – (Audio CD Only)

Session 6

  • Breaking Strongholds in your Life, Your Church, and Your Area – Rev. Dr. Tim Burden
  • Intimacy with God—Our Source of Power – Margie Burger
  • Breaking Through:  My Journey Out of Skepticism – Darren Wilson
  • Supernatural Mercy Ministries – Rebecca Grant, Freida Alexander and Nic Billman
  • Embracing Risk – Darren Wilson
  • Compassion’s Role in Power Evangelism, Part 1 – Nic Billman
  • Prophetic Worship in Power Evangelism – Don Hershman
  • What Can We Learn from the Methodist Revival in Cuba? – Rev. Dr. Tim Burden
  • Compassion’s Role in Power Evangelism, Part 2 – Nic Billman
  • A Baptism of Boldness – Kathy Hershman

Session 7

  • Holy Communion: A Source for Healing and Revival  – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • Spiritual Battles in the Local Church – Rev. Aaron Brown
  • Discerning and Defeating Strongholds in the Local Church – Rev. Aaron Brown
  • Teaching Children to Heal: An Interview with Barbie Hunt – Barbie Hunt & Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
  • Increasing Your Faith to Heal – Rush Hunt
  • Finding the Love of the Father – Kathy Hershman
  • When Healing Doesn’t Come – Rev. Taylor Gallman
  • Forgiveness, A Key to Health and Healing – Kathy Hershman
  • Emotional Roots to Physical Sickness  – Rev. Taylor Gallman
  •  Pursuing God’s Destiny For Your Life – Kathy Hershman

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