The Methodist School For Supernatural Ministry Session 5 – “Faith Catalyst”



Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing…” (John 14:12).  We at Aldersgate Renewal Ministries believe that includes United Methodists today!  More than believing that miracles really happened, and beyond believing that God still performs miracles, Jesus invites us to “Preach…heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons.  Freely you have received, freely give.” [Mt 10:7-8]

The question is, where can Methodists who are longing to live in the supernatural learn about our Methodist heritage of supernatural ministry, how God is moving supernaturally kn and through Methodists today, and how to be used by God in supernatural ways?

Session 5 Topics Include:

• How God Grows Your Faith – Rev. Dr. Frank Billman
• Intimacy as the Root of Supernatural Ministry  – Margie Burger
• You Only Get to Keep What You Give Away – Part One – Dudley Perio
• Faith Working Through Love – Luke Billman
• You Only Get to Keep What You Give Away – Part Two – Dudley Perio
• Whose Mind is It Anyway? – Part One  –  Tony Maxwell
• Living an Extraordinary Life for God’s Glory – Part One –  Will Hart
• Whose Mind is It Anyway? – Part Two   -Tony Maxwell
• Living an Extraordinary Life for God’s Glory – Part Two  – Will Hart
• Kathy Hershman and Impartation – (Audio CD Only)

MSSM Session 5 Keynote Speakers:

Rev. Dr. Frank Billman has pastored United Methodist churches since 1979 and currently serves on the ARM staff as Director of Church Relations where he is responsible for local church renewal events, International ministries and the Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry.  He has preached and taught in a number of settings here in the USA in addition to Tanzania, Nepal and Liberia.

Luke Billman and his wife, Alisan, felt the Lord calling their family to Brazil in 2009. His call was to rescue and restore trafficked children and child prostitutes through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prior to their marriage, as Alisan was preparing for her future, Luke was working hard to ensure he didn’t have a future. For a better part of the 1990’s, Luke was wrapped up in a horrendous drug habit. He developed an addiction to heroin that landed him in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, jails and prisons. Throughout the 90’s Luke overdosed and needed to be revived numerous times. The enemy knew that Luke was a threat to him and tried, but failed, to extinguish the light that Luke’s testimony would bring to the world.

Margie Burger serves as ARM’s Director of Prayer Ministries.  In her role she oversees a network of intercessors and seeks to strategically saturate all that ARM does in prayer.  An author and speaker, Margie has travelled nationally teaching on prayer and intimacy with God.  Her passion is to press deeper into God and to create experiences where others may do the same.

Will Hart walked into the basement of a church in 1999 not knowing why he was there. That night the Holy Spirit reached out and grabbed him by the heart and he was never the same. Since then, Will and his wife Musy have travelled and ministered with Bob Bradbury, Randy Clark, and Rolland and Heidi Baker. Will’s call is to take the simplicity of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes. Whether it is the jungles of Congo or the streets of Thailand, he is expectant and confident in the Holy Spirit’s showing up in power.

Kathy Hershman – is an anointed preacher with a gift of helping God’s people discover the silver thread that runs from the Old Testament to the New. Some of these silver threads can be experienced first-hand at The Prayer Center (Princeton, KY) where Kathy serves as Director. Within this holy place, many signs, wonders and miracles are taking place. In addition, Kathy has a powerful teaching ministry, showing others how to minister love and healing to a lost and broken world.

Tony Maxwell, DVM, practiced veterinary medicine in Pikeville, TN, for 37 years before being called to missions in Mozambique with Iris Ministries in 2007. Together with his wife, Pamela, he serves as Administrative Director of Harvest School of Missions. He also serves as a Personal Assistant to Rolland Baker.

Dudley Perio was home alone on September 4, 2010. His wife, Natalie, was visiting their children who were attending Bill Johnson’s “Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry” in Redding, California. A little lonesome, Dudley sat with his guitar and worshiped his Lord. As he sang and strummed the guitar strings, he saw his dog jump back. Looking toward the dog, he glimpsed gold dust coming off his arm. This event initiated an amazing journey of revelation, healings, and miracles.

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