The Truth About Grace


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Often the modern grace message gives people a license to disregard the clear moral teachings of Jesus and the apostles. Churches around the globe teach a lawless grace and direct many to make choices of convenience and compromise. Consequently Christianity loses public credibility as so-called leaders of faith fall into adultery, child abuse, alcoholism, financial corruption, and many other sins. This is the great crisis of the twenty-first-century church, and respected theologian Vinson Synan says it’s time to bring it to light.

Featuring perspectives of leaders from a range of cultural, pastoral, and theological backgrounds, The Truth About Grace opens the discussion to more than a dozen scholarly contributors, tackling topics such as grace and the security of the believer; grace versus works; and tongues as a manifestation of grace. Synan brings you the key voices on this hot topic, from hyper-grace critic Michael Brown to Singaporean pastor Joseph Prince, whom some consider a leading voice in the hyper-grace movement. The Truth About Grace will help you discern the unbiblical excesses in the modern grace message while growing in understanding of the true nature and purpose of grace.