Unleashed by Peter Bellini


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The ministry of casting out demons is either entirely dismissed on one hand or misused and abused on the other. A closed-system natural worldview utterly rejects the notion of a spirit world with spirit beings. To the other extreme, some shortsighted deliverance ministries reject the validity of the health professions and identify every problem in the life of the believer as demonic. The theology of these ministries fails to account for the power of the cross and its daily application in the life of the believer as the normal way in which God delivers from sin and evil. All challenges in the life of the believer do not necessitate a deliverance session.

Unleashed! is a book that offers a balanced perspective on these matters, including an instrument that can be used to assist in discerning the probable need for deliverance.
The C1-13 instrument is revolutionary, transcending the usual inventories by applying variables that are key factors to differentiating degrees of demonic influence. The instrument is also distinct due to its integrative approach that cross-references the work of other professional fields to arrive at a comprehensive picture of the problem and thus a more extensive and effective treatment.